Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Russia weighs in favor of South Ossetian independence

this is ugly

but Condoleezza Rice called Russia's move "regrettable"... Condoleezza.. would you mind EXPLAINING your side to the American people in full detail why you believe that South Ossetia should remain a part of Georgia, despite the near DECADE of turmoil South Ossetians have faced with their dealings with Georgia... Condoleezza.. Why exactly is Georgia allowed to invade who they want while you and ALL of America's media choose to ignore these things?!?! This whole issue will explode in OUR face Condoleezza... your overly-proud, stuck-up, spiteful rhetoric and means of dealing with foreign affairs is getting us NOWHERE fast.

What does Bush have to say about Russia recognizing S Ossetia's independence?? He calls it "irresponsible"... Mr. Bush, please elaborate on that one liner. You are clearly confused as to the definition of democracy.

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