Thursday, August 28, 2008

Neither Gustav or Hanna can make another Katrina happen.

If you haven't heard, Tropical storm Gustav is making way over Jamaica, gaining strength and according to NOAA maps, it's expected to reach at least category 3 status as it's headed straight for Louisiana where levees still haven't been repaired in New Orleans (and aren't expected to be finished until 2011 under current plans). Meanwhile, Hanna is sitting exactly in the same spot where Katrina was sitting before It hit New Orleans. A likely evacuation of New Orleans is slated for Saturday. I just talked to a friend of mine having an anxiety attack over this who lives in the French Quarter. Thankfully I didn't wake her up as she couldn't sleep.

A feeling of "oh no, we're not ready for this again" is starting to be murmured in New Orleans, as people are already starting to decide if they're going to come back after an evacuation... But one thing at a time. First the storm.. I do believe that now more than ever, that FEMA and those in higher offices have a lot to loose by not responding quickly, and providing an efficient evacuation plan, and covering as many bases as possible after learning from mistakes (and complete negligence) from Katrina. If "the worst" that New Orleans or any other coastal city gets from this or any other storm becomes a reality, I'm quite sure that especially with this being an election year everything will be done to keep people safe and in good hands. It's a sick sick truth, but with all eyes on President Bush again this time around I can't imagine him ignoring a distress call from New Orleans (or ANY coastal town no matter how big or small) a second time around.

My thoughts are with all those on the SE coast, and if you're not there right now, please recognize how fortunate you are at this moment to not have to be considering how you're going to be able to afford to take off work to go guzzle gas with as many belonging as you can fit in your car to stay at some hotel for X number of nights.

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