Thursday, August 14, 2008

Inspirational Detraction

Baby with massive tumor saved by liquor tycoon.

It's a nice heartwarming story but totally ignores a real issue...

Ask yourself.. is Wilms' tumor really "a common kidney cancer"?? How many people are diagnosed with Wilms' in the US annually? As far as I've dug, no more than 500 are typically diagnosed in the US.

It (and a slew of other cancers and birth deformities) are soaring in Iraq, while the demand for medications to help treat the illnessess have skyrocketed. The supply of medications now is limited to the blackmarket as hospitals have not been able to keep up (why these Iraqi children in CNN's story are being treated in Jordan) .. The black market drugs are filled with mostly expired and potentially complexly dangerous drugs sold to desperate mothers or fathers.

Is it referred to as a "common cancer" to detract from a real story... like the fact that the US military has buried and suppressed scientific studies from radiation experts warning of the long-term health risks of using depleted uranium in tank armor and DU tipped (AKA armor piercing) rounds???

ya think????

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Follow this link click "more photos"... check out photo 5.. is that "common"????

If these birth deformities are simply the result of "not catching it early on" due to poor health system, bad economy why don't we hear about just as many newborn babys with jaw breaking eye bulging tumors in other poor nations of the world that the us military ISN't littering with radioactive waste?

Depleted Uranium isn't called depleted because it's safe. It's called depleted because it is uranium that is depleted of the energy needed to cause a nuclear reaction. It's waste but it's still radioactive, and that is why the department of energy went to the department of defense to get rid of the stuff somehow in the first place!

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