Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Graphite Sequencer and Drum Buddy

This is a very cool little invention and art piece that uses the conductive quality of graphite, (in this case drawn freehand onto paper circles) to modulate a tone generator via two wires in place of a record needle on a turntable. One wire sends and, the other wire receives current. The wider the stroke of graphite the wires make contact, the more current is distributed and received, thus the deeper the frequency, which translates to us as a lower tone. Besides this project, this artist's showcase is stunning.

I was breath taken and inspired by everything I saw and experienced here.

This little monster borrows from what makes a music box work, but uses light and light receptors to generate tones, a different tone for different receptors, equivalent of different "teeth" of the "metal comb" inside the music box you had as a kid. I think I would have to modify it to completely uhm, swap out the tone generator they were making them with... but it's a very cool concept.

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