Saturday, August 16, 2008

Presidential Forum: caterpillar wings and war stories too!

Just finished watching Obama and McCain share their thoughts in the forum lead by Rev Rick Warren.

I really wish I could find a transcript of the forum, as it was quite interesting. They claim McCain was in a "cone of silence", while Obama went on first. Barack seemed to me to treat every question seriously, looking at tough questions with tough intellectual answers. He was asked some questions that were harder than others "does evil exsist?" to the paradoxaly phrased question "at what point does a baby have human rights?"... to which I would have answered "when does a caterpillar grow wings??"

Obama said a few things I'm sure he'll get grilled for, only due to the honesty and humbleness in his treatment of the forum, and willingness to answer complex questions with complex answers. My fear is the same I had from 2004. We're expecting the majority of our country to be able to look at complex situations and see that there are not always black or white answers to every question. Unfortunately in America we want a quick fix, a quick short answer is easier to sell than a long detailed analysis that complex issues actually demand. Anybody who works in some sort of customer service is familiar with this. Well.. I hope a lot of people have worked in customer service since 2004, which is unlikely seeing that our unemployment rate is at a four year high of 5.7%.

Then came the maverick, John McCain. Oh by the way, I don't think I've told you yet, you see, John McCain and I are friends. he calls me his friend all the time!! It's so reassuring of his trustworthiness!! Let me tell you a story. Back in Nam, him and I played tic tac toe in the sand with a stick. It all started when our captors drew a cross in the sand. I think he was trying to tell us that was going to be our grave, but we used it as an opportunity to convert him to Christianity and then the birds started singing and I cried. Let's go defeat evil, don't worry we wont have to start any more wars. Wars are free anyway. We can make everybody rich, but not spend a dime doing it, and I'm giving everybody $7,000 checks for free, my friend.

Are we going to get back to my being a POW? My friend, Can I tell you another story??

Uhm. Yeah, John McCain is out of his mind.

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