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world top bugatti veyron

How do you make your $1.3 million car more exclusive? You get the Bugatti Veyron Pur Sang (a really lame name) limited just to 5-units worldwide these special-edition Veyron were all immediately sold at a $300k premium.

Pur Sang means ‘Pure blood’ in French and the chromed Veyron is differentiated by its paintjob, or rather, lack thereof.

The body panels were assuredly polished but left in their natural state of aluminum and carbon fiber, the separation between which does not follow along the lines of the traditional Veyron’s two-tone color scheme.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

hyundai santa fe cars

world top Hyundai Santa Fe
blurred the boundaries between freedom and civilized asphalt road surface. Try attractive force of freedom!

Hyundai Santa Fe
Hyundai Santa Fe

Rigid construction vehicles and powerful, its impressive characteristics 2,7-liter engine V6 most suitable for active lifestyles. A strong, confident, a real male silhouette is not just an application for a better style, it is a declaration of independence.

Hyundai Santa Fe
Hyundai Santa Fe 02

Flawlessly combining excellent design and outstanding dynamics, Hyundai Santa Fe is always ready to help you get a new chunk out of adrenaline.

Hyundai Santa Fe
Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai Santa Fe insatiable thirst. Take for rudder and go in search of new adventures. Neither do not worry about than - Hyundai Santa Fe reliably protect you and your freedom. Today, Hyundai Santa Fe heads the list of 10 most compact SUVs safer.

Hyundai Santa Fe Interior

Hyundai Santa Fe
Hyundai Santa Fe

Steel bodywork Hyundai Santa Fe, optimized to give maximum rigidity of the assembly, increases safety. In addition, ease of management and reliability are provided MacPherson front suspension and dual lever rear suspension.

Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai Santa Fe
Hyundai Santa Fe

Differential transmit torque in the proportion 60:40 at the front and rear axle, which makes it possible to achieve maximum stability and sustainability of any Hyundai Santa Fe on the road.

Hyundai Santa Fe Engine

Hyundai Santa Fe
Hyundai Santa Fe

In Hyundai Santa Fe equipped with a basic kit airbags for the driver and passenger and antilock brake system.

Hyundai Santa Fe

Undoubtedly, you have your own unique style. And, of course, you want your Hyundai Santa Fe to have identity that distinguishes it from other SUVs 4 х4. In such a case, Hyundai Santa Fe is the best choice.

Hyundai Santa Fe

Strong, confident, even paillette silhouette features Hyundai Santa Fe is not just an application for a better style, it is a declaration of independence.

Hyundai Santa Fe

The front part of Hyundai Santa Fe looks aggressively, and rounded body parts stress modernity and design excellence of performance.

Hyundai Santa Fe

Front Panel formed a large number of surfaces with smooth transitions. It cuts a central console, limited by sharp ribs. From the central panel in the direction of the doors hanging cumbersome conversions, giving the original design Cabin outer appearance. The dominant color in the cabin-gray or beige.

Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai Santa Fe earned a well-deserved glory speed jeep among people who prefer an active life. The new Hyundai Santa Fe is fully subjected their athletic nature slightest movement of the driver, while driving on a road clearly claim to the title of champion in the class SUV with a full drive.

Hyundai Santa Fe

By its technical parameters of Santa Fe is still more suited to ride on good roads. Bears 5-door bodywork type "touring" with a fully independent suspension all wheels coupled with a high active and passive safety. The propulsion units are cross and include 2,4-liter 4-cylinder and the 2,7-liter 6-cylinder engines power 150 and 170 hp accordingly, working only with adaptive 4-staged "automaton". The emergence of cheaper expected Tractors set.

Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai Santa Fe was created for all ages, leading an active life. This independent suspension, the engine is powerful, energetic design and excellent finishing Saloon cars have success. Easy in the management of Hyundai Santa Fe behaves perfectly on city streets and dusty rural roads.

Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai Santa Fe combined in the comfort and convenience of a car, safety car class SUV and minivan volume. Five people freely to accommodate impressive in size cabin Hyundai Santa Fe, while in the boot left enough room for things.

Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai Santa Fe seats, steering wheel and gear selector got skin. The central console is made of black opaque material, pleasant to the touch. The back door opens up. Where there is no need to open a rear door, push the button allows you to open a special glass back door.

Hyundai Santa Fe

Paul has many deepening luggage, which did not allow the movement of cargo move in Hyundai Santa Fe. Moreover, in the boot of sockets installed to connect the refrigerator or lamp.

Hyundai Santa Fe will allow you to move in any direction and do anything.thanks for visit

world best hyundai santa fe

Hyundai Santa Fe – First Drive: Choice is a good thing in almost any situation, but especially when you’re shopping for a car. The more models you have to choose from, the more competitive the price, the more features you get and, ultimately, a better vehicle winds up in your driveway.

This is assuming you research your vehicle purchase, of course. And if you’re among those who study up before you venture onto a dealership lot, this will come as no surprise: Hyundai, especially with the debut of a new 2007 Santa Fe, is on the move. Call it the New Toyota, and while doing so is unfair to both the point is nonetheless relevant: Hyundai is doing what Toyota has done for the past decade, which is build safe, reliable and well-made vehicles, set an aggressive price, and watch as one after another leave lots in the hands of happy motorists. Rest assured that officials in Tokyo and Kentucky are spending many more sleepless nights thinking about the emergence of Hyundai than they are worried over any comebacks mounted by Ford or General Motors. The domestic darlings, for all their efforts, have a long way to go before they wipe out years spent building second-rate cars and selling at a discount. Hyundai, on the other hand, is already beginning to craft a name for itself as the “better” buy. The days of being the low-price leader with a great warranty are over, yo – Hyundai is now among the makers of cars with the most to offer. Need a competitor for the Camry or the Accord? Check out the Sonata. Tired of looking at Siennas and Odysseys? Take a gander at the Entourage.

It all comes back to choice.
And now that choice extends to SUVs. The little Santa Fe is no longer so little. It’s grown up, with more room, more power, a more sophisticated style, and a fine interior full of nice touches and thoughtful design elements. Sure, there are holes – every car has its weak spots. For the Santa Fe, it looks like fit-and-finish is a potential issue, and there are competitors with more horsepower or that offer better fuel economy – a major issue in these $3-plus per gallon times. Curiously, Hyundai decided to offer its base Santa Fe with a smaller V6 engine instead of following the herd and bolting in a four-cylinder gas sipper. The difference in fuel economy may be debatable: Hyundai’s 2.7-liter V6 stacks up as an efficient powerplant, but the absence of a four-cylinder may leave the Santa Fe at a competitive disadvantage as rising fuel prices drive up the desirability of smaller engines.

All in all, however, the Santa Fe is everything a mid-size SUV needs to be – and slightly more – at a competitive price. In this, one of the most hotly contested of new car segments, that’s news other automakers will be loath to hear but music to the ears of thousands of SUV buyers looking for choice and who are, increasingly, choosing a Hyundai.

super hyundai santa fe

One of the fastest growing vehicle segments is midsize crossover SUVs, and it’s easy to see why. These vehicles offer the style and functionality of a traditional SUV while providing the sporty ride quality, handling and fuel economy of a car. For much of this decade, Hyundai’s offering has been the midsize Santa Fe.

There was a time when the only reasons to favor a Santa Fe over its competition were its low price, lengthy standard features list and Hyundai’s generous warranty. Introduced for the 2001 model year, the first-generation model was affordable but failed to perform to the levels of its competition in most other areas. Thankfully, the all-new second-generation Hyundai Santa Fe is a big step up in terms of styling and performance. Highlighted by its contemporary appearance and upscale and roomy interior design, the current model is one of the better values in the $20,000-$30,000 price bracket of the midsize crossover SUV class.

Current Hyundai Santa Fe

It takes only one glance at the second-generation Hyundai Santa Fe, which bowed in 2007, to see that Hyundai has made a strong effort to move upmarket. The midsize SUV comes in three trim levels — GLS, SE and Limited. The base GLS model is powered by a revamped version of the previous model’s 2.7-liter V6, which now makes a respectable 185 horsepower with the help of variable valve timing. A five-speed manual transmission is standard, and a four-speed automatic is available as an option. The base drive configuration is front-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive (AWD) is optional across all trim levels.

For many consumers, the SE trim is going to be appealing because of its more potent 3.3-liter V6. The 242-hp engine is available exclusively with a five-speed automatic transmission. The Limited trim is equipped with the same drivetrain and adds leather seats, a power driving seat and dual-zone automatic climate control. The Limited can also be had with an optional 605-watt Infinity sound system with 10 speakers (made standard, along with a sunroof, for ‘08) and a rear-seat entertainment system with wireless headphones.

Inside the Santa Fe, there is definitely a new contemporary feel and a higher level of comfort. The dash lights, gauges and displays glow blue, and the center stack controls are positioned neatly. An optional third-row seat, which bumps the vehicle’s passenger capacity from five to seven, is optional. All trim levels are well-stocked with standard convenience and safety features and come with a generous powertrain warranty.

Hyundai Santa Fe is a compact / mid-sized crossover SUV based on the Hyundai Sonata platform. It was introduced for model year 2001 as the first SUV from Hyundai, Ford Escape issued / Mazda Tribute and Pontiac Aztek. The Santa Fe was an important step in the restructuring of society in the late 1990s because, despite the criticism of journalists to conceal their appearance, the SUV was a success with the American buyers.
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Hyundai Santa Fe
Hyundai Santa Fe 03
Hyundai Santa Fe
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Hyundai Santa Fe
Hyundai Santa Fe

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new and nice audi cars

this is another new Audi concept car named Audi Locus. it seems a development of Audi R8 car. this may be a hybrid high performance sports car with many electronic systems.

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Audis history is one of the most multifaceted stories ever told in the history of the automobile. The Audi emblem with its four rings signifies one of Germanys oldest automobile manufacturers. It symbolises the amalgamation in 1932 of four formerly independent motor-vehicle manufacturers: Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer. These companies formed the roots of what is today AUDI AG. Audi is well known for the production of luxurious cars n fast cars

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