Thursday, August 14, 2008

Is Russia/S. Ossetia to Georgia as US/Kuwait was to Iraq in 91??

This whole ordeal is quite frightening.. What's most frightening is the war of propaganda.. As I see it, Putin/Medvedev have been totally demonized, yet what Russia did this week was not much different from what Bush SR did in Iraq back in 1991 after Sadam invaded Kuwait. Kuwait surely would have fought back if they had a military anywhere close to what the Russians have today!!

I suppose a more precise analogy would be "Is Russia to South Ossetia what US was to Kuwait"

The US is calling Russia the aggressors, yet indeed Georgia INVADED South Ossetia, which prompted Russia to remind the world that they do not play nicely when taunted, and came to the rescue of the South Ossetians.

This however is not discussed. it is a non-topic in American main-stream news broadcast. Our media has become freaking ADDICTED to the manipulation of facts and sculpting propaganda. What will we have as a result?? Cold War II looks like it is only beginning.

I Love Jack Cafferty's piece on invading sovereign nations... Even in his "tough talk" statements about invading countries, McCain misses the fact that Georgia invaded South Ossetia last Thurs. It is parallel to McCain condemning the United States for invading Iraq in 91 and ignoring the fact that Hussein invaded Kuwait first. This just goes further to proove how innept McCain really is and what an oh so firm grasp he has on reality. (yes that's sarcasm) Regardless.. I'm thankful to see someone in the media at least acknowledging the obvious delusions of McCain.

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