Thursday, November 20, 2008


Think displacement, folks. If GM fails, it will not be the end of the auto industry. It will not drive our nation into a depression. It will eliminate an over-bloated whale of a company that has made poor, wreckless selfish choices as a leader of an industry in the United States and provide MORE opportunity to the companies who have made the decisions that have lead them to thus far, stay competitive... what will happen as a result? those companies who before had to sell hybrids for 23 and 25 thousand dollars would now be able to offer them at a mere fraction of that price. If congress gives anybody money it should be in the form of tax breaks to companies like Smart, Toyota and Honda for taking the early initiative to provide more aggressively fuel efficient car. no brainer. Even the banks don't trust you, GM. We all know why.

GM - There was a point where you had a choice. You, as the leading auto manufacturer in the US should have recognized the energy crisis and dependency our nation has on foreign oil... then you could have done the right thing and focused on providing consumers with aggressively efficient cars, and investing on marketing for such vehicles, instead of the road you decided to take: Make bigger and bigger trucks that can run over those stupid puny little hybrids. Nobody needs to drive themselves to work in an oversized Sports Utility Vehicle, yet you convinced the majority of this country that they did.

Moreover, the government is not a bank, nor should the manufacturing industry treat it as one. Banks DO exist even POST Sept 2008, and if you can't get money from them, there's a darn good reason why not.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Proud to be American

...and proud to be a Chicagoan. I have never felt such an intense desire to be back home, and it hit me the hardest while driving over the bay bridge last night to celebrate with my girlfriend. This hit me on the San Francisco Bay Bridge, of all places.. I wanted sooo badly to be running to the red line stop to get on a crowded el, get off on Monroe or Jackson and join the masses heading to Grant Park... This was like the Bulls winning any of their six championships in the 90s... the Bears in 86.. I was there for that.. this was so so much more.

Now, this isn't to say that all of Oakland and San Francisco wasn't set afire with car horns and elated celebratory shouts and cries.. You could feel the air pressure change from every SINGLE person giving out a HUGE sigh of relief at about 8:01. I happened to be just leaving my shift at the station at 8 pm, as that was when the California polls closed. Just as I was driving past the courthouse I voted at 11 hours before, I immediately heard car horns, yelling, shouting... the most celebratory sounds I have ever heard in my life. The election had been called. Barack Obama is officially president elect.

I ran home, grabbed some things, and head over the bridge to SF, just in time to catch Obama's acceptance speech on 9 giant screens where my girlfriend and some friends were downtown SF. It was probably the most remarkable event of my life.

I am, most certainly more proud of my country now than I have been for at least 16 years. We finally as a moral majority, recognized that our country was headed in the wrong direction with foreign policy and economic issues, and we voted in strong numbers for change. and in the process, as a nation overcame racial differences many of us feared could prevent Obama from having a chance at office... but we stuck with it because from the beginning, we agreed with his intents and his thoughts and his solutions. We've got a winner, here America, look at the reaction from the global community. Lets all get behind this man and if we criticize him, lets criticize his solutions and provide an alternative that's better and make it known productively. This nation has a long road ahead of it and it will take a lot of cooperation to drive this nation in the right direction.

This is a landmark in American History. A complete turning point. Way to go Barack. I knew right from 04 that you were the spirited leader this country needs. I am so proud of you, I am so proud of my country. Now lets go and get to work. We've got a LOT to do.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

last minute voter info

I was talking to my girlfriend earlier tonight about some of the things we'll be faced with voting on tomorrow.. Both of us had a few questions that came up and it was shell-shocking to me how much anxiety actually hit regarding questions that have popped up at the last minute, and how the focus on the presidential race has most certainly detracted from the attention of the many things people will be faced with voting on Today. Many people, myself included are feeling slightly overwhelmed with these last minute decisions. What if we're still undecided on a certain local measure or state assembly member, or any item on the ballot? Is it best to try to make up our minds tonight skip an item on the ballot??

First of all, and above all, try to do as much non-partisan research as you can. Grab the voter guide (and ALL additional mailings) that were mailed to you as a registered voter. Get them NOW and bring them with you to read over again while you wait to vote tomorrow. It will address ALL of the items that you will be faced with voting on so there shouldn't be any surprises. Fill out the sample ballot and bring it with you. Make it known to a poll worker when you sign in that you've brought your sample ballot as a guide, but keep it concealed until you get into the poll as that is the regulation in place for most every state. I've used the voter guide along with and a bunch of additional online resources to make my choices.

Regarding skipping ballot items.. This is a question you should ask at least one poll worker about if you are not sure. That's why they're there. (My father is actually a Republican working the polls in Illinois and they couldn't have found a more honest man for the job) going back to my point.. this is tricky. Logic would suggest that if you aren't sure about an item on the ballot, your vote may be more destructive than anything so it'd be best to skip the item.. however if you are voting on an electronic voting device, your entire ballot could likely be tossed if you skip items as there is no way to differentiate between machine error and an intentionally skipped item. so... if you're feeling you might be skipping an item or two on the ballot, ask a poll worker about it. If you can, make your choices before you have your ballot.

If you don't know where to vote or aren't sure what kind of ID to bring, go to

If it's 8pm and you're still in line. YOU STILL GET TO VOTE, but nobody will be able to join the line after the cut-off time. (double check for your states closing time)

If you witness ANYTHING resembling voter fraud or vote suppression, report it immediately, on the spot from your cell phone. This toll free number is different from state to state. I highly encourage every voter to find out this number, and store it in your cell phone before voting. just google "(your state) voter fraud hotline". In california it's 1-800-345-VOTE and I'm pretty sure they could direct you to your state's hotline if you have anything to report.

Additionally, some of the early voting that was allowed in much of the country has caused a bit of confusion... Many voting polls have posted their voting hours as mon (or tues) through Friday... PLEASE REALIZE that's last week... TODAY - Tuesday, the 4th of November is your LAST DAY to vote.

It's going to be quite a day. Time to get some rest before getting up in four hours. :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

this is what its all about

Today is November 3, 2008. This has been one of the loudest election years in this country's history, and it all comes down to the responsibility of Americans tomorrow to cast their votes. This is a crossroad for America and it's not only about who becomes the next president, it's also about who gets seated in your community and your state, what bills and propositions get passed to shape the future of your community and this country. Please do not overlook your local community. Contrary to what I've read, being a pacifist and not voting will not cause "a revolution". This approach to democracy is insulting only yourself. You have an opportunity to be one of the record numbers of voters tomorrow. Vote, and get your undecided friends to vote with you.

Whether you have been behind one of these two candidates from the start or still can't see eye to eye with either candidate, please educate yourself.. do your research now while you can. Bring yourself to compare both candidates plans and proposed solutions. Forget the noise of the last 12+ months and make a decision, then tomorrow - get in that line and stay in that line until you have reached the voting ballot and have cast your vote.

If you have made your decision who to vote for, find out if you can vote early in your community and do it now. Do NOT be discouraged by the lines. The number of hours you waited to vote will only make for a better story when you're grey and old.

Do not overlook the need to steer this country away from dependence on foreign oil. In case you haven't realized, Control of the earths energy resources, (primarily Oil) has been a driving force in US foreign policy. With no alternative, Oil is what makes nations run. There is no denying this. Is the solution to drill for more oil, or focus on developing oil independent vehicles?? We're so close, the most fuel efficient car to this day (honda insight) was first mass produced NINE YEARS AGO when BILL CLINTON was still in office. What happened??? This nation is on the brink of discovering an alternative to fossil fuels. That patent will be worth far more than the oil Russia and the Middle East (our two best friends) are swimming in.

Ok. Thats it for me. I'm disassembling my soapbox today. Time is winding down, and there are more important sources for you to be reading right now than my blog. In closing, let me just say that it's been an amazing experience. I'm extremely thankful I live in a country where we are free to voice our opinions. At times I've witnessed (and been involved in) some heavily intense verbal sparing. It's our right to be allowed to do this, and it's ok as long as we are able to take a step back from it and recognize that it is just the passion of Americans to fight for what we feel is right that has fueled the split among party lines. Ultimately we all must come together in the end if we are to succeed - success and a future is what this nation is all about. Putting the best American minds together to dig us out of this hole. I do have hope. We have only up to go, and I do believe that once we know which of these two paths the nation will be taking for the next four years, confidence in our markets will restore. It will take WORK. HARD work, but that is what Americans are best at, and now is our time, America, Now is our time.

Read up on those local propositions. don't overlook what's being voted upon in your community. Some of these items are just as important as who we vote in as president.