Wednesday, August 6, 2008

my new cd is about to FINALLY be released

Finally, on Tuesday, August 12, the album I completed in February, Monstrum Sepsis: Artifacts will be released through wt2 records. It's been a lot of work.. I created the framesworks of the songs with fast/skaletracker sessions, used the waldorf microwave XT extensively, accented with live recordings of the nord lead 2x and Kurzweil for strings and piano. The album isn't as dark as it is edgy, and there are several songs which lift you from the mechanical turmoil to drop you off into a familiar yet new territory. I don't want to spoil the content, but with titles such as "immoral combat", "war of ideas" and "under the carpet", I'm sure you can likely guess the message and sentiment behind this collection of music.

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