Monday, August 25, 2008

Miles Davis

I got a little kitten on Aug 1, aptly named him Miles after watching him get completely entranced the second I put on a Miles Davis record (yes i do still play records). This little guy is awesome. I've never known a more affectionate kitten, one that will jump on my lap, climb my chest purring for the world to hear and wrap his paws around my cheeks and nuzzle his face in mine, lick my nose, eyes, chin with his razor sharp tongue..

I had no doubts in my mind the second I saw him along with 20-30 some odd adorable 3 month old kittens... I asked to see him, the second I picked the little guy up, he licked my face, climbed on my shoulders and laid down on my neck and licked my ear till it was raw!! I had no problems saying "I think I'm gonna take this lil guy home with me"!!!

Always a trick getting a kitten and an 8 year old cat (we call her "miss thang", or "Marlin Brando", the high and mighty tuxedo) to get along, but this morning they were chasing each other around the apartment playfully, so I think they're makin progress :)

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