Wednesday, June 8, 2011

2008 – 2011 Audi AR-1 Concept

 For students several years in vehicle design have played an important role in determining the form and details of future cars, and Audi is no exception. Now the German carmaker has a proposal last year in a country like Asia to date.

The concept of AR-Audi was a concept car unveiled at Hongik University degree in 2008. For those of you not aware of the location Aore Hongik University, is located in Seoul, Korea. The thesis for each student, the class of administrative officers graduate from 2008 was to create a futuristic design of the sedan’s new generation of luxury to the brand of choice. And the whole concept created a buzz in fair degree.

 Audi AR-1 was visualized and conceptualized by a student named Kim Youngmoo. German sedan was a project proposed for 2015 with a style that was influenced by the shape node. That gives an idea of ??the Audi design is really unique and great central grid was given a more angular appearance. You can see the pictures posted here that the traditional Audi grille is a modern interpretation. Tourism, AOs Profile exudes an aesthetic of the Bauhaus, which has long been surpassed by the automaker from Ingolstadt, Germany. A look at the back of the concept car AIR-1 shows that there is a panel whose shape resembles the grid in the middle of the rear lights.

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