Saturday, June 18, 2011

2013 Volkswagen Roadster

It appears that long-promised VW sports car will finally happen. Modeled on the concept BlueSport recent, mid-engine 2-seater ragtop shapes up as a fun driving with affordable high mpg and low emissions. Too bad it’s about four years away.

What we know about the 2013 Volkswagen Roadster BlueSport

Volkswagen has resulted in the dreams of sports cars since 2003 but has yet to make a reality. That may be about to change. Sources say that in Europe the brand’s famous for what is now the world’s third largest automaker will likely add an affordable mid-engined two-seat convertible in standardized BlueSport from 2009 Detroit Auto Show. Just do not rush to your local dealer. Those same sources say that the Roadster VW is not likely to materialize until at least 2012.
So why provoke us again with a project ready, of course, showroom, and so far in advance? Well, VW is feeling very well these days, being one of the few major manufacturers who actually won sales in 2008 despite a weak global economy. The Concept BlueSport seems meant to symbolize the company’s health and rosy future. Not least, it sends a message that VW will not sacrifice fun for driving low emissions and high mpg. In other words, VW wants you to have it all, and for a reasonable price.

Although some details will likely change before the start of production, sources believe that the concept of Detroit forecast accurately what VW calls the Modular Sports Car (MSC) and we’re calling BlueSport 2013 Volkswagen Roadster. Like the VW-Porsche 914 brokered the 1970′s, is a “corporate kit car, with engines, structural components and many smaller components lifted from other models in the fleet of VW in general – including some not yet on the market. This approach reduces the initial development costs and makes it relatively easy to fashion related versions for other brands of the VW Group. In fact, there are rumors that the Audi luxury division may offer their own MSC, possibly badged R3. Ditto Porsche, now the largest shareholder in Volkswagen Group, which is said to be eyeing a new car entry below the Boxster.

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