Thursday, June 9, 2011

Honda City is the newest ca

The recall (recall) finally automotive products also occurred in Indonesia. PT Honda Prospect Motor as a distributor of Honda cars in Indonesia, yesterday, announced a recall plan 3240 Honda City.

Withdrawal plan was submitted some time after the Honda Prospect Motor will make sure not to recall the Honda Jazz from the Indonesian market. “Honda City is meant (the recall) was made in 2007 and 2008,” said Director of Marketing and after-sales service of Honda Prospect Motor Jonfis Fandy in Jakarta yesterday.

Components of the window (masterswitch power windows) on a number of Honda City in Indonesia was the same as the problematic components such as Honda Motor Co. announced. “Honda Japan has asked us to do pengecekan.Hasilnya, Honda Jazz in Indonesia is safe, but for Honda City, seems to be on the recall,” said Jonfis.

HondaMotorCo, Jumatlalu (29 / 1), announced a recall of 646,000 Honda Jazz or that in some countries known as the Honda Fit due to defects in the production jendela.Cacat it could lead to a short circuit that could potentially cause a fire. United States (U.S.) attracted about 140,000 official Honda car. Britain also said it would pull the car products.

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