Monday, May 30, 2011

2011 Audi a8 Nice One Car

2011 audi a8

2011 audi a8

2011 audi a8

2011 audi a8

Those who want to know him might say "eccentric" instead. They'd mean "sexy, in a dangerous way."

He just considers himself…a bit more…discerning than most men in his position. And yes, he's quite aware there aren't many. Men in his position, that is.

So, for example, his suits are not Armani. They are not Zegna. They are, in fact, made for him by hand, by a reclusive (and surprisingly young) tailor whose name, and location, he does not feel inclined to reveal. Friends wonder, because the lining of each jacket and vest is so unusually bright, flashing when he turns suddenly…but they'll never ask.

His watch is, in fact, a Rolex. But not one you can buy. Not since before the First World War.

And then there is the car.

It's not a Mercedes S-Class – the car almost everyone in his position sees as proof of their success. It's not a BMW 7-Series – the car a few of his friends have chosen to show that they're still young and vibrant enough to enjoy speeding.

No, he's driving that new Audi. The flagship one. The A8, they call it. The new 2011 one. No one has seen very many of them, but he has one already, in a deep, mirror-glossy black.

It looks a lot like him. Buttoned-down and conservative? No, not really. Somehow, it looks dangerous, like it's only pretending to be buttoned-down and conservative.

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