Friday, May 20, 2011


Today’s industry gossip of questionable authenticity comes courtesy of those blokes across the pond and concerns the infamous Ford Capri. A Euro-spec coupe that did for hooning abroad what the Mustang did for the boys back home, the Capri nameplate has lain dormant for 15 years. Birthed in 1969, the Ford Capri remained in modestly successful production until it was finally killed of in 1986. In 2003, Ford launched a half-assed revival with the introduction of the Capri-based Visos concept, but no whisperings concerning production intent had been heard until now. According to the surprisingly detailed rumors, Ford will unveil a prototype version of the Capri some time in 2010, with a tentative production date pegged for later in 2012.

Expected to resemble a souped-up 3-door hatch version of the wildly popular Focus, projected engine options include everything from an EcoBoost 4-banger to 250-horsepower turbo-diesel unit, both of which are entirely feasible. Bottom line: sounds like they’re breeding a GTI-fighter to me, and 10 bucks says it borrows heavily from the Volvo C30′s design language.


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