Monday, March 21, 2011

2012 Honda Civic

Purchasing the current 2012 Civic would be the best decision any experienced car lover would ever take for now, and this is not unconnected with the fact that the new model is fully reloaded in all aspects of vehicular technology. It is redesigned and greater innovations feature in it than would ordinarily be expected in such vehicle, and these among other things are what make the 2012 Civic the car to buy now. You would be glad you did that when you compare some of the following features that the new model car contains and how these are well structured to serve you well, among several other expectations that should be expected:

Experts have stated that the 2012 Civic would perform much more than will be known in terms of engine specs and the design. It is expected that this car when it eventually hits the market would be a front wheel drive job and it would sport a 4 cylinder engine for either the gas models or the hybrid motors, and the engine at 4 cylinder would be sure to produce around 150 horsepower which would be a good boost to those who treasure durability and strength.

Meanwhile, the new 2012 Honda Civic would likely run on the continuously variable transmission (CVT) gearbox mode concurrently with the manual gear shift mode. What this means is that with the all new 2012 Civic, the automatic gearbox that enables an automatic shifts and changes in gear operations will be installed together with the manual gear shift control so that any driver would be able to choose for himself what particular gear mode he wants to run on. This is because as much the automatic gear controls could work by itself, many drivers are very used to manually changing gears by themselves. It is also expected that based on the federal government’s initiative on fuel economy standards, the new model Accord for 2012 would only run on about 1 gallon for a 30.1 mile trip.

It is also projected by auto experts, based on the 2011 Honda Civic Review that the external features of the new 2012 Civic would be something to gape at. It is expected that while there have been the 4 door types, the 2 door types and the hatchback, this new model would sport a great sporty look that is a result of futuristic trendy design and technology. Its exterior architecture alone would sell the car and add value to the other aspects of the car.

The dashboard is still in its two-tier form and from the 2011 model and this was retained for good reasons. The dashboard of the 2012 Civic also features a slew of button controls to replace the former knobs that controlled the temperature and the fan speeds, and while a large button on the far left corner reads “Econs” to signify a button that switches the engine to work slower and more efficiently under a very cool and moderated transmission mode, this function would hardly be used in hot weathers.

Although the price tag is yet to be known at this time, it stands to reason that this new Honda Civic would be within the reach of any middle classed individual. It would be affordable and experts opine it would not compromise on quality and durability redefined with luxury. It would be a very comfortable car to drive in and the 2012 Civic would sure hold its own when it comes to seizing its share of the market all around the globe. It will sell far across the reaches of the land and it will be a delight to just drive around in it for your normal purposes.

You must go for this car model as soon as you can manage it and you would be the better for it in your personal, family and business life. This is a type of car that fits the three category of usage – personal, family and business. This 2012 Civic though has closer competitors down the road, it will continue to win the auto challenge based on several factors than can be detailed out at once. Based on your needs and the aesthetic technological values of this 2012 Honda car, you should contact your supplier now to have your orders processed and delivered within this week.

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